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SSL Security Certificates

The best protection for your customers. More prestigious for you.

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SSL Security Certificate

$ 20.5/annual

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2048-bit certificate

256 bit encryption

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1. Offer secure transactions.

2. Guarantees information privacy.

3. Protects the users confidential information

4. Reflects an image of seriousness and commitment.

5. Concrete greater online sales.

6. Get more traffic.

7. Build trust and brand loyalty.

8. Check the authenticity of data.

9. Concrete transactions.

Visitors, users and customers who enter into your page no longer have to worry about where can stop their personal and financial information. With a security certificate you will generate the trust they require.

By having the famous "padlock" your website will reflect more prestige, as it is the only way to ensure that your customers are not exposed to any risk to send data over the network. Additionally, it will translate into higher profits for you, to have a higher number of registered and online sales.

We all love to shop online with security guaranteed.

With the installation of a security certificate, any information submitted in your server is encrypted, enabling secure communication between the browser and the destination site, this way making it impossible to interception or theft.

»How will my visitors that I have the Security Certificate?
Everyone who visits your site will see the padlock icon in the browser address bar.

»What is the importance of installing the security certificate?
Having a security certificate will provide visitors to your page greater confidence to provide sensitive data and confidential information, necessary to realize online transactions.

»What are the requirements to have the SSL Certificate?
It requires a dedicated secure location unique to each IP address, you must subscribe to this service to host a trusted domain.

»How long does installing a security certificate?
After having all the data required certificate can be issued usually between 2-5 hours after entering the subscription request.

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