Environments configured in seconds

You get in an incredibly easy way computer modified real-time capability in the cloud with complete flexibility.

It allows you to configure suitable environments in just seconds and total control for system administrators thanks to its integrated control panel.

Host any Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.JS and .Net applications easily with Facilcloud.

Ambientes Configurados

Truly flexible pricing


Gives you the opportunity to set minimum and maximum resource limits for each server in your environment from the control panel and only pay for the resources you use.

This advantage will help you define the maximum budget for each of your projects, you can also set different limits for each server depending on your needs and preferences.

Pay per Use

Flexible and elastic pricing, based upon resource usage, allows you to pay only for resources in use by applications.
You can set a minimum number of containers to be reserved and also set maximum limits if your application requires more resources.
  This billing system is dynamic and you can change your limits at any time.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing lets you set a fixed amount of resources for each server in your environment, and therefore a completed fixed price for container usage.

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Soporte de aplicaciones

Zero code changes required: new and legacy application

Since there are no proprietary APIs to code, new and legacy applications are supported without any changes. So you can easily migrate your application from any platform to Facilcloud

High availability of applications

Application instances are automatically replicated and fail-over seamlessly, with zero user impact. Isolation of application resources leads to less application downtime and maximum availability.

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High availability

Fast application deployment

Any application can be deployed in just minutes using GIT, SVN, archive or plugins like Maven, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans. One click deployment of the entire stack means you can focus on your business.

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Facilcloud is the only cloud platform which can automatically scale any application, automatic vertical scaling is made possible by Facilcloud's ability to change the amount of resources (RAM and CPU), provided to a server.

If an application needs load increases, additional resources are automatically assigned to this application, when the load is reduced, the platform automatically adjusts.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

Applications can be configured to scale across multiple servers from the user interface. When additional nodes are defined, the load balancers are automatically configured to distribute the load evenly.

Escalado Vertical
100% SSD

Faster applications

All Facilcloud applications and servers are hosted in solid state drives (SSD) which drastically reduces search time and latency, among others.

Benefits of hosting applications in an SSD:

  • Faster boot
  • Great write speed
  • Read faster, up to 10 times faster than traditional disk drives
  • Low latency read and write
  • Launch and startup applications in less time
  • Increased security
  • Erasing data safer.

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More about Facilcloud

Facilcloud charges for containers, these are RAM and CPU resources equivalent to RAM 128M and CPU 400MHz .

We have a versatile payment model that depends on the resources used per hour, each container starting at US$ 0.0051/Hora

With Facilcloud get automatic discounts by consuming more resources, a greater amount of used containers equals lower cost.

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Jelastic3.1MariaDB5.5.41/10.0.15Java 61.6.0_45Ruby
Tomcat 66.0.43MongoDB2.6.4Java 71.7.0_71Python
Tomcat 77.0.57MySQL5.7.5Java 81.8.0_25Python
TomEE1.7.1PostgreSQL 88.4.22PHP
Jetty 66.1.26PostgreSQL 99.4PHP
NGINX PHP1.6.2Мaven3.2.5Ruby 1.9.2-
NGINX Ruby1.6.2Сentos 66.6Ruby

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Payment Methods

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Monitoring and support

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Control Panel

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